For details on our annual community events, see our Events Calendar!
Dyngus Day / Easter Monday, Holiday Tree Lighting, Vineyard Grape Stomp!


Hosting a Private or Special Event

PRIVATE EVENTS are hosted outside our normal business hours: before 4pm Tuesday through Saturday, and anytime Sunday and Monday.

SPECIAL EVENTS are for groups of 20 or greater hosted during our normal business hours: Tuesday through Thursday 4-11pm, Friday 4pm-midnight, Saturday noon-midnight. Please note, booking a special event is not a 'reservation,' but rather helps ensure our staff will be ready to take care of you. It does not guarantee a table or seating - The beer garden is always first come, first serve.


  • PRIVATE Events

    • Book a fully hosted and catered event.

      • The venue is closed to outside customers.

      • Examples include team building events, bridal/baby showers, religious and family celebrations...

    • We offer family-style buffet options from our event catering menu.

    • We host groups of 20-80. We host smaller groups, but have event minimum fees.

    • To book a private event:

      1. Contact our Events Team.

      2. Sign contract and pay booking fee.

      3. Confirm menu and pay event fee at least two weeks prior to event.


  • SPECIAL Events

    • Pre-order food a la carte from our current menu for when your guests arrive with family-style presentation i.e. a tray of pretzels, smoked meats and cheeses or our awesome burgers/sandwiches.

      • The venue is open to all outside customers.

        • We cannot guarantee a table or seating for all your guests - as the beer garden is always first come, first serve.

        • Booking a special event ensures our staff is ready to take great care of you and all our other guests.

      • Examples include team outings, birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties...

    • To book a special event:

      1. Confirm headcount of at least 20 people.

      2. Contact our Events Team.

      3. Complete payment for pre-ordered foods.



    • If there is inclement weather, we can setup up to two large tents in our garden, to allow guests to enjoy themselves inside or out, rain or shine.

    • We are open, inside and out, all year round. We clear all snow the same day, and are equipped with a fleet of flame torch heaters. Come dressed for the weather and have a great time!