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Dyngus Day / Easter Monday, Holiday Tree Lighting, Vineyard Grape Stomp!


Hosting a Special Event

SPECIAL EVENTS are for groups of 20 or greater hosted during our normal business hours. (Scroll to the bottom of this page for our current business hours.)

Please note, booking a special event is not a 'reservation,' but rather helps ensure our staff will be ready to take care of your larger group. It does not guarantee a table or seating - The beer garden is always first come, first serve.



  • Pre-order food a la carte from our current menu for when your guests arrive with family-style presentation i.e. a tray of pretzels, smoked meats and cheeses or our awesome burgers/sandwiches.

    • The venue is open to all outside customers.

      • We cannot guarantee a table or seating for all your guests - as the beer garden is always first come, first serve. We do not take reservations.

      • Booking a special event ensures our staff is ready to take great care of you, your guests and all our other guests.

    • Examples include team outings, birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties...


  1. Confirm headcount of at least 20 people.

  2. Contact our Events Team at least one week prior to your desired event time via the button and form directly below: β€œContact us now to book your event.”

    1. Please note, we do not monitor our email inbox and only respond to structured requests via our form below. This helps us ensure we can give you the answers you need as soon as we review your request!

  3. Complete payment for pre-ordered foods at least two full days prior to your scheduled event time by cash, check, or card at the bar, or via our online invoices.


  • If there is inclement weather, we can setup tents in our garden, to allow guests to enjoy themselves inside or out, rain or shine.

  • We are open, inside and out, all year round. We clear all snow the same day, and are equipped with a fleet of flame torch heaters. Come dressed to impress for the weather and have a great time!


Event Contact Name *
Event Contact Name
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Event Contact Phone #
Desired Event Date *
Desired Event Date
Desired Event Start Time *
Desired Event Start Time
Please note, we only host Special Events during our business hours. Scroll down to the bottom of this page for our current hours.
Desired Event End Time
Desired Event End Time
This is not required, but when do you expect your guests to stay until?
Desired Event Date - Alternate
Desired Event Date - Alternate
An alternate date is not required, but if you are considering multiple dates, please let us know prior to booking!
How many guests are you expecting? (Minimum = 20)
FOOD PREORDER Please include the count of each item you would like to order below. We have selected items from our menu that work well for large groups.
Your food preorder payment is due at least two full days prior to your scheduled event time - once the final invoice is provided to you by email. We do not do beer/wine preorders, as those will be ordered by guests at the bar via a cash bar or on your host tab.