The Hill at Home - Pickup and Delivery


  1. Order Delivery via Grubhub HERE on

  2. Return to for all future orders!
    This lowers our Grubhub costs to better invest in your local community!

    When you
    order via this link at Grubhub only charges us a 10% fee for your delivery, and not 33%, with the additional 23% marketing fee if you go through the Grubhub App directly. #SUPPORTLOCAL


  1. Call us at 518-662-4455 (HILL).

  2. Tell us what you’d like off our menu.

  3. Pickup your order at the bar.

    Guests waiting for their pickup order get a beer or wine at our
    Happy Hour prices anytime our kitchen is open - until 10pm!

The Hill at Home - Chicken Schnitzel Promo.jpg